FreeComics: 'Sink or Swim

133art & Arlington, TX's Stormwater Management present: 

the Rescue League Academy in 'Sink or Swim'. 

A Sr. cadet at the universe's premiere superhero training facility, 

the Rescue League Academy, 'Blue Scout' AKA Bianca Johnson's 

main aspiration is to be the greatest superhero in the universe. 

But this year she and her best friend 'Troy' are up against their 

fiercest challenge yet; SR. YEAR FINALS.

Written by: Radi Lewis
Cover color by: Lee Moyer
Pencils by: Jason reeves
Interior color by: Luis Guerrero
Deon de Lange & Ceci de la Cruz

Download the DRM free PDF. here:  SinkorSwim/Comic/PDF

Or read the comic below:

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